So close, yet so far...

As you may know, The Husband and I are doing the long distance marriage thing again. 

We bought the house and I am now getting ready to go back to school for my masters degree. 

The whole long distance marriage deal will be over next summer when The Husband separates from the Marine Corps. 

I'm already completely over only seeing him on some weekends. And it's only been about 2 and a half months. Which shouldn't be a surprise... Who wouldn't be tired of it?

But at the same time, I'm tooooootally freaking out man. Because when that is over... so will his time in the Corps. 

And then what?

Oh. Just readjusting to life in the regular real world again. 

No big deal. 

Or a big deal. 

I haven't decided yet. 

If I lose my mind completely by September of next year, you'll know which it was. 


  1. I hope the time flies by so you can be back together!


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