New Directions

I know. That title sounds like somewhere they would send someone on Intervention. As a matter of fact, I think it might actually be a real rehab facility...


I've been a terrible blogger. I've never been super fabulous at it as I have a hard time putting so much of myself out there on the internet (It never goes away, after all). But now that we're preparing to exit this experience that is the Marine Corps, my life is going to change. As it is, I already have a hard enough time relating to military life living away from it.

That said, it's time to start moving this blog in a different direction. Transition can be good. Change can be good. And I truly believe that this change will be good for this thing called a blog. Hopefully as I move on to something that is more focused on me (I love my husband, and I love the Marine Corps, but that is his thing, not so much mine) and something that I just love, love, love, things will become more active. And that benefits both of us!

So hang with me a little longer while I try to figure this all out. You're all awesome.


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