15 January, 2017


Hi everyone.

I don't even know if anyone is still out there because it's been almost 3 YEARS since I last published a post, but hi anyway.

Since that post in 2014, I graduated from my master's program and got a real job as a school counselor. The Husband is in the middle of his junior year of college and has quit his job in order to finish up his degree (My, have the roles have reversed!).

I think with all of the changes in my life, it's time to have a blog which reflects what is actually happening with us.

To be completely honest, I never felt all that good about the military theme I used to have. I don't know if I had the experiences necessary to write a successful military related blog. I tried though!

With that, I've renamed the blog to "Jetways, Runways, and Hallways" in order to show what I'm passionate about.

Lately we've been traveling whenever we have the time (Jetways), I've become more interested in fashion (although I've always loved all things clothes, shoes, and makeup. Runways.), and I've got a job in a high school as a school counselor (Hallways).

So that's what's going on. I hope you'll stick with me through this new journey!

Happy New Year!

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